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Introduce Yourself

Sat, Apr 28, 2012 at 5:23 AM By: DDF Danser

Well... I tought it would be nice if we barbz would get to know a lil more about each other so the best way to do that is to introduce yourself. I'll go first...

Hello, Barbz & Kenz

My name is Daria van Vlaenderen, i'm 23 years old and a girl from the Netherlands. I'm half dutch and half polish, and I also speak both languages, I don't go to collage no more, I work for 32 hours a week, My hobby's are Rapping (dutch, english is difficould to rap, but I can whrite english raps). I also Dance, 2 hours a week in a local dancing school in my neighbourhood, where I dance Street Dance and Jazz Ballet. I also like to go to dance contests and once a while and I go to support my fellow dancers from the dancing school to watch them dance and I cheer for them.

I've learn my english and german form wachting television programs when I was little, so thats how I am able to spreak 4 languages. I've learn to whrite english thought the i-ternet.. so (sorry if my whritting contains spelling faults, but I also use google to finde how to whrite some words when I don't know how to whrite them). I loved Nicki Minaj after hearing her Roman's Revenge with Eminem, shortly after that I became a barb, and I have both album Pink Friday, and Pink Friday Roman Reloaded. 18-06-2012 Is the day I finally will meet queen barb and I really look forward to that day!! For any questions about me just ask don't be to shy!!

Greetings, Daria

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    RE: Introduce Yourself

    Sat, Oct 18, 2014 at 1:03 PM By: CelSiynx

    Hey Im new here,although I listened to Nicki for quite a few years

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    RE: Introduce Yourself

    Fri, Jan 23, 2015 at 2:06 AM By: unnatiexports

    Hello Friends,

    I am Unnati, running an online shopping store successfully. I am a huge fan of Indian Traditional Fashion and like to read and write about it. I have my blog page on my website and update weekly.
    Unnati Exports

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    RE: Introduce Yourself

    Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 2:29 PM By: Kitan Smith

    HI, Kitan and i do want to get to know other barbz and kenz and the cute boyz...I'm Nigerian . I'm in my last yr of highschool a.k.a secondary school so i have igcse in less than a month so i probably wouldn't be so active on the site till summer then i can havoc all over the place but for now it's just studying. i just joined the site and i am not the smartest when it comes to anything technology so be my friend and help me out. i love Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Lil wayne, Drake...also the new sugar remix is hot though i wish her rap was longer but it was still perfect i am in love with the pinkprint though i can image the pain that Onika gets when she listens to some of the songs, so touchy. i am a bit dark, really short, and i think i'm one of those girls who don't look forward to pom because mine is in 3 months and i haven't even moved at all...i suck at things like introducing yourself. i'll be 16 on the 9th of October also not really looking forward to that because i'll be in school...i love black, pink, white. Sorry but i really do love myself ,then my family and friends, then the celebrities that i fancy- i have 8 main celebrities that i love Anna Silk, Kerry Washington, Beyonce, Julie Gonzalo, Bridget Regan, Nicki Minaj,Khloe Kardshian and Jordin Sparks- then my boyfriend.

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    RE: Introduce Yourself

    Tue, Mar 17, 2015 at 5:38 PM By: GoddessXi

    Hi my name is Xion (Zy-in).
    I love love love love love love omg love Nicki Minaj. I live in the US but I've traveled. I'm Guyanese and a lesbian. lol it says that 4 years ago, I signed up for this site. Spent all day today trying to figure out my login. I want to be a hacker. Well, that's something I want to do on the side but I want to do stuff with electronics... like I deadass live for them. I like meeting new people and why not try where I know people will actually get me? I read, ALOT. I know, it sounds boring but life is stressful and reading fanfiction takes me away from it. I also write fanfiction. lol that's all I can remember for now.


  5. Hem avatar

    RE: Introduce Yourself

    Sun, Mar 22, 2015 at 12:04 PM By: Hem

    Hi people...
    Firstly I love the welcoming here, getting all friendly vibes.

    Well I'm Hem Bharati (yea I did put my real name here). I'm from India, n once i visited US as an exchange student when i was 16. Still young, m 22 now n a fashion designer on start up level yet! n a HUGE DREAMER!...Nicki Minaj inspires me to be, n i love it n i love n respect her for being what she is: an inspiration n the crazy interesting smart woman she is. My love for her started with her clothes: the crazy maximal vibrant so bold, n then when i heard her songs the attitude just got me! My all time favorite 'moment for life', still my ringtone!
    So I'll be on here now so check me a new friend!

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