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quite deleting my rhymez.

Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 12:17 AM By: Da Original Donutesh.

to bleedin,
i'm stomach feeding
lik Weezy Rolls Royce fleetin,
u fleein
Dick Wet no seemin,
i'm creamin
no sex lolip pop and ice cream cone lickin,
stickin ta da script no mixtape so no leakin,
u Uncle Tomz still peeping,
Quantum leapin,
New DMX not slippin,
hyper even when i'm sleeping
game peeping,
Gentleman like Creaper creapin,
sweepin u off your feet like Khuntha Khenthay gettin whippin.
u ain scarin nothin, cuz i'm a goblin, martion munchin vampirez weaping.

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  1. Da Original Donutesh. avatar

    Re: quite deleting my rhymez.

    Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 12:29 AM By: Da Original Donutesh.

    Nikki on that massive attack.
    i'm on the cash cat on hair trackts.
    on my mat sat her cat,
    in a match i'm a gas,
    like a box a matches vs gas,
    my blackcard so thin, its scratchin air gas,
    catchin a vex,
    i'm catchin a rack.
    mention my ex,
    i mention u cant,
    cuz they neva dump me, we just buy a new mansion an flex. Donutesh baby

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    RE: quite deleting my rhymez.

    Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 3:43 PM By: Fernando David Martinez

    Hello I'm FERNANDO,
    You must to kiss my ANO,
    In USA it's fart, In here is "PEDO"
    You say pussy monster, In Argentina "PAPO"
    Put on you my LALO,
    Lines dopes, Not from CHACO,
    My phone calls me, ALO?,
    You know minaj Soy GUAPO
    Pop pop pistolero
    Driving my CAMIONERO,
    I need to get a NEGRO,
    His balls make me ALTANERO,
    You a TRAPO,
    Mi a CANO,
    I'm ESSO,
    Gas, EXPO,
    Fuck EMOS,
    I Proceed shit pussy,
    Le canto a your pussy,
    Like CUKY, Eat COOKIES,
    DIEGO, You SUSI,
    Go WHITA, I'm ZOO,
    Take PICTAS, I'm BUS,
    Looks like a POP PISTA,
    Its like I sip COKITA...

    Do You Want More YO SI... Add Me... NOS VEMOS MAN!

    "See Us Where The Shit Fly" ~ZJ.~

  3. Da Original Donutesh. avatar

    Re: quite deleting my rhymez.

    Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 12:11 AM By: Da Original Donutesh.

    Nikki got back like she just came back from somewhere.
    back az in butt, my head no where, some swear,
    I'm Mr. Me Ugly, lyrical beast, sunsay.
    i sat a day away on Sunday.
    Misterious like Sun Ray.
    Like Cam i'm your son'z dad.
    have my shadow bling blowin in ice, the sun dazed.
    i'm tite an nick your boat rather skate than rap iz this son'z phrase.

  4. Fernando David Martinez avatar

    Here I Go Again... Get Readee? LOL

    Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 3:08 AM By: Fernando David Martinez

    Nut not ball, None of y'all,
    you on a trap, now i fuck,
    Rap so cold, you dont know,
    You aint my son, even not,
    You can't drop like I drop that,
    You can't even top the cup up,
    '94, year of your lockup,
    Blue blood, it's a blowup,
    maybe it's your last round, go home,
    I get hunnits, Y'all get none,
    I'm here, see me, why not?,
    this verse says pullshits, Suck that,
    i'm a white boy and i'm rappin too,
    Freestylin', i ride it good,
    Zoo came up in it for fuck you,
    i'm knocking bithces, i'm top dog,
    Put my lines on it, NANO,
    Grew up in the fucking CAMPO,
    I'm FLACO with dick big like MACRO,
    my LINGO is hard to swallow,
    i guess you don't know what the fuck i CANTO!

    :d U TURN... :d
    "I'm T-Rex, I Gut Out" ~ZJ.~

  5. Da Original Donutesh. avatar

    Re: quite deleting my rhymez.

    Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 11:09 PM By: Da Original Donutesh.

    got a big ass flow,
    like Nikkiz big asshole.
    trapped like Beez an all.
    be careful,
    i shock yo mama az i beat her toez.
    the beer can flow.
    i been the show.
    naw, i'm lyin, i'm wack like when police beat my dome.
    dont wana pick that chrome.
    cuz i pitty homez.
    live in a shitty home.
    eatin cheap bacon.
    corrupted brain, keep me wrong.
    but God smilez when i tell im i love him more dogg.
    till my funeral,
    i'ma rep Young Money, act a fool in brawlz.
    jail iz hell, let my dudez go yo.

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