Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 7:17 PM


so if you barbz have been reading my blogs you'd know that i plan event so anywhore it started off really great i had been planning a wedding and it was today so i didnt go to school so i got to sleep in yay! then i ate and got dressed and my mom and i headed off to do our to do list
1.pick up dress from the cleaners(check)
2.pick up cake(uncheck) we went to the place and the cake was in the wrong location so we went there to pick it up from the other place and the lday gave us an extra ccake (nice right?) then from there we had to pick up the tuxedo(check) went to the church to set up the cake and nobody is there i was so upset and i didnt want to curse infront of my mom so me and her were first letter cursing and laughing for about 15mins and nobody showed up so we went to get something to eat and the ppl call us rushing we get the cake ready then we went to the brides house and i got her ready (extremely late btw) so we got dressed and cried a bit then headed to the church to find out that they moved the stuff we got to add there own after we had been waiting for these ppl till 3 and i live near philly so its freezing out side but anywhore we get ready to bring to bride in and the rest went great after she came in im judt thankful the whole thing is over and i can rest.

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