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okay so heres the story:
i wanted to go to the I am Music concert when it came to philly. i had my out of for the tour with Nicki Minaj ever since i found out about it when she offered back stage passes to the ppl who won the points competition. so i warned my friends that it was starting in March so have some money ready cause tickets cant be that far away... mind you that was DECEMBER and i warned them the i wanted front row seats, i told my mom she said fine long as i go with someone i could trust she would give us a ride there and back so i find out the dates of the concert for philly and when and what time they go on sale because i knew they would seel out quickly so i said have the money to me feb 4 they go on sale the next nobody has any money ready ofcourse so i said have the money in asap. that didnt seem to work so i have it in by the 18th and just my luck the tickets sold out ofcourse. so now im PISSED my money was ready and i couldnt go alone so now i cant go fml fml fml this is the second time i have had to rely on someone on one of my journey to see NIck and i failed. i have having to rely on ppl thats why im so adimit on being INDEPENDENT then that way the ony person in your way is you so now im SOL and everything in my earea is also sold out so on march 26 im gonna cry all day and hate everybody

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