Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 7:59 PM

Flawless Ass Chrs

So, I moved *check the last blog*
And, lemme say ... Mississippi, GET YOUR WEATHER !
Barbz, it's so f'ing hot outside.
*checks weather*
87 degrees, at 7:47 PM.
Anyway, I've seen a bunch of family I haven't seen since I was little, and it's so different.
Everyone remembers me, and all I can do is smile, and nod like I understand their country accents.
I love my Cali. accent, I don't wanna lose it . . .
Everyone keeps asking "You here to stay this time?"
Naww, I packed my whole closet, all my shoes, my posters, CD's, chargers, etc.
But I'm leaving next week -___-
ANYWAY, y'all blog about Nicki, I blog about what I'm doing . . .
But, be aware . . . I only blog when I'm listening to Nicki, going through pictures of Nicki, or something related to Nicki. I just don't feel the need to tell you that every single time I'm doing it . . . But now you know.
I came so unprepared.
I have sweaters, jeans, long sleeves, hats, beanies, high top shoes.
Everybody else wearing a T-Shirt, and some shorts ....
I look and feel out of place.
Well, this is getting long.
And no one is going to read it, I'm just bored.
My grandma said "Hey, BARBZ!"
She needs to ... Bye, Barbz ....

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