Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 8:33 AM

Helping others / Recent Fuckery

I just wrote this long ass thing, and put it on Tumblr.
I just don't like when people feel bad about themselves.
I know how it feels, and it's not right ...

Anyway, Hey Barbz.
So, if you read my blogs, you know I moved to Mississippi.
It's been okay so far.
But, being that Cali. is mostly cold all the time.
And here, it's like 79 degrees, at 6am.
My wardrobe needs an adjustment.
But, lemme tell you about the most recent fuckery that I dealt with.


So, I was moving my new bed, into the new house yesterday.
And, this BIG ASS, BLACK ASS, bug came flying at me.
Now, I've been to Mississippi before.
So, know what it is, and I was expecting it.
But when I used to come out here, I didn't have to deal like THIS !
So, this lady was like "They attack when provoked."
WHO TF' was provoking them ?!
I'm trying to move into MY house, THEY fucking with ME !
I swear, OFF bug spray is gonna be my moisturizer.
Cause, I can't deal with this -_- I really can't.

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