Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 8:16 PM

I'm Loving You

ima let you taste this, know this flavor tangy, good god so delicious, pound cake, pound sniffn, pound blockn, ice pick pickn, in the field like ima pickn cotton, like i'm doin it to stay livin, ima keep goin in, let me gloat about the bed game, lets have a toast about this trip game, when you fall over me, ima let you cuddle w/ me, ima let your freaky out, like you homer simpson clown, like you motor bound, kanye kim, 2 bound, lets go another round til i get you slippier than drown, like you can't keep up with the ice pick pound, well if you can't have fun, nor have some enjoy, you can bottle me up, bottoms up, pirate depp joy, johnny, where you goin, hunty, well put your feet in reverse and travel b, we gotta keep loving til we run out of energy, don't play wit me, play wit me, i'll take you by the arm and have you in the 911 cuffing, lets keep on going
(i'm lovin, i'm lovin, you, i'm runnin, runnin, outta breath for you, im waivn, im swayin, i'm tryna give you me, just know i am yours for the takin, love til you must reach l decline, tell you make me rise, til you get me, til you get me, ima keep loving you)

Lately, i've been drawn up to the fact that you exist, oh honey, why won't you, give me some of you, playing hard to get, but i'm gonna own you, own you, ima start the up rise, ima get you up and rise, like ciara take you for a ride, lets have a party with our bodies, ahh, what do you say, is you ready, im gonna go crazy, fulfilled genius, ground breaking, i know my knowledge, i may act dumb but ima make you flip, like einstein, hello, talk to me, be mine

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