Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 4:09 PM

P.S. I love you

everyday is a new ponder about you, the craziness and wild like we were in a zoo, the fun and the love the aspect of us was true, the dinner, the hearts, the wine, the break, the make up fun in back of my slay, a part of my heart you took and slayed, you gave me an opportunity, to take off with you, begin with a clean slate, but baby the stupid bs, made me flip out and i really do regret, the raw angry statement, that made you up out and leave me crying on the pavement, kissing it, pounding on it, stomping on it, injuring myself on it because i really wish i could take back you, i'm honest, im very honest and honestly you took a big ol part of me, i shouldn't have said that it was because of you, but because of you, ima up and fly out my window, act the fool

(my heart, my heart, me you, me you, we were blessed to death do us part, fortunate enough to have you, but honestly, mommy, p.s. i love you, we were blessed to death do us part, but we are apart, and i am blank minded, i just wanna be reu, p.s. i love you)

said it in my tone, cut engraved shaved my apology in stone, mommy you were my own, were willing to give up your last name so you could have the same as 'tone, memory own, memory long, memory passed, memory gone, memory stayed with me, oh dear god, oh lord, oh why, do i have to be the one that has to cry,

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