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Merchant Navy

Finally, I can answer this question.
‘YES I have it in me!’ I brought down stars from the sky to my shoulders.
I’m going be“MERCHANT NAVY OFFICER” guys!
Today the merit of Merchant Navy-96 is out. And I’m in it…. And now will join Merchant Navy Training center (MNTC) in first week of Oct”

This is what I read on one of my friend’s wall post around two weeks back. This inspired me to the core and to be very précised the only reason behind writing this blog!!! How one can go so crazy for getting into an all day all night seashores fight??? To get out of my anxiety I enquired to the max I could.

Technically Merchant Navy is a unit of merchant shipping (conveyance provided by one ship belonging to a country or an industry). King George V imparts the title of the “Merchant Navy” for recruiting merchants in United States during the World War II. The Merchant Navy is a non-military commercial task force which deals with the transportation of and goods alternatively passengers by sea.

In India Merchant Navy conducts various Entrance Exams throughout the year. Any 12th qualified in technical stream can be a part of this exam if ones dream to have a bright future in terms of money as well as respect in the society n off course most importantly “TRAVELLING”. The only drawback associated with Merchant Navy is out of area working consequences. That u may need to stay away from your loved ones for a kind off long period.

So just give a try, never know this might could be the one u were waiting since long to reach your goal!!! Live Your Dream. ALL THE BEST!!!!

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