Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 12:42 AM

School N' Shit :P

Okay guys, in my older blogs u must have noticed dat i mentioned schooling in Nigeria, and i dnt think there's anyway of me running away from Nigeria LoL. Well Nigeria Is Not Really A Bad Place, its a bad place when you got no money. Well Lemme go to the main idea of this blog, i will be going back to school tomorrow, well its meant to be today 6/9/2013 but my mum postponed it, [THANK GOD]. Its really not just a normal go to school nd come back kindda school its a BOARDING school. i'm not there cause i got problems or anything NO! i'm there cause its Nigeria LoL and i think its kindda cool for me to go there, at least i get less distracted. Well i will be coming back home on the 19th of July which is my BEST FRIEND's birthday!!! x) Over there in school i have no access to d internet unless i sneak some stuffs there, well most people do it, and they catch dem nd they neva get d stuffs back :P dats y i ain't gonna try shit LoL. WELL BYE GUYS :* MOST IMPORTANT NICKI! I LOVE YOU :)

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