Tue, Dec 11, 2012 at 6:31 AM

Update... LOL

I'm only laughing because I am an IDIOT! I wrote a long ass blog yesterday and before I left the office yesterday I didn't press save!
This is the sparknotes version... Basically, I suck. I haven't updated or blogged on here or tumblr in over a year. I'm gonna try to change that. I will try to update at least monthly!! And although I haven't updated my blogs, I am still up to date on Nic!
I have bought both albums and saw her when she came to DC with 2Chainz over the summer. As always, absolutely FLAWLESS!
I do want to start doing reviews of her songs, maybe that will be my way to start blogging more.
Until then! Xoxo, muahh!

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