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Onika Tanya Maraj: 100 Reasons Why I Love You

1. I'm an aesthete and you're stunningly beautiful

2. Your smile

3. Your dimples are just too super cute!

4. Your expressive doe eyes

5. Your facial expressions are #LIFEtotheTENTHpower LOL you say more with your face than when you speak

6. Your style is dope! I'd kill for your leggings/heels/accessories hook up. And your dresses and jackets. #SuperFly

7. Pink Friday. Save Me & Catch Me are my tunes of the moment but the album is unskippable.

8. For fighting for the girls that never thought they could win

9. For being bold and in pushing industry boundaries & dismantling boxes

10. Always pushing yourself 2 be better, stepping out of your comfort zone&going the unconventional route

11. Thinking bigger than the "female rap slot" to creating an Empire that lives beyond your rap career

12. Breaking Billboard Records before the release of your debut album #WINNING

13. For always being humble and appreciative about your success

14. For the characters: Roman, Martha, Rrrrosa, Harajuku Barbie, Ninja, Lewinsky, Boss, Dexter, LapdanceNika, Norman, Tyrone

15. Your growth as a performer, from tottering cutely around on stage to raging across it with power

16. Your self-development. Moving up from hoodstar vixen to business woman without losing yourself

17. For caring about you image and acknowledging your influence on your younger fans

18. For realising that affecting lives means u have more responsibility&this isn't just about u anymore

19. Loving, investing in&spoiling Team Minaj the way you do.keeping us close ustreams/codes/blogs/tweets

20. Bringing TM together, connecting fans worldwide&making us family

21. Advocating for female empowerment

22. Honouring your mother the way you do

23. Advocating for the Barbz to stay in school, be go-getters and be self-sufficient

24. Using Pink Friday to support Breast Cancer Awareness

25. For the love you showed to the Garden of Dreams Foundation and not needing to generat a media frenzy about it

26. Your desire to give back to the community&the future plan to establish school scholarship charities

27. Promoting positivity, ALWAYS

28. Remaining undefinable, keeping it about the music & not relying on the Barbie image or anything else

29. Your hunger. You're never complacent or acting like "oh I got it, I'm good"

30. Your work ethic is off the chain. I strive every day to emulate it. I salute you.

31. That coquettish mix of confidence&humility you exude so effortlessly

32. NICTIONARY!! Slipped right into my everyday vocabulary

33. MAC Pink for Friday lipstick. It looks super dope on me. Also, it's MAC! All these bxtxhes is ur SONS

34. The way you cover your face when you laugh

35. Slaying the IAM2 Tour with your first full set

36. Hip to waist ratio. Your figure is off the chain #nopauz lol

37. Your British accent!

38. Saying you liked my Pink Friday Chain. I saw nuff folk with a version so mine musta been dope lol :D

39. The way you smooth your hair when you speak

40. Gay friendly

41. making female rap more than just being gangsta/masculine or hypersexual

43. Autobiography. The sensitivity & vulnerability in that song touches my soul

44. Meeting u,hearing u say I love u&knowing u meant it cause u looked me in the eye&didnt say it 2every1

45. That you wear/use etc the gifts your fans give you

46. Reminding me that I'm doing all of this for a purpose bigger than myself

47. SUPER BASS!! Tells my life right now and that preview is *BBM lovestruck smiley*

48. Save Me acapella. I am SOOOO freaking proud of you!!!

49. That no matter how much we learn about you you're still an enigma with so much more to reveal

50. You take time out to call your fans and you keep in touch with the TM radio stations

51. You smell ever so slightly of Chloe

52. You're a BlackBerry Babe! :D #noNollywood lol

53. You make sure your family is provided for

54. You always show your gratitude&appreciation for your team&share the credit for your success with them

55. Keeping God first.

56. Forgiving your father and recognising he was as much a victim as he was a victimiser

57. Never pretending you're perfect or invincible

58. Your excitement when you realised Pink Friday was no.4 on Amazon 6weeks before it was released

59. Collaborating&touring with Britney. Crossing over music genres in an unprecedented way for female rap

60. The TM personal&general dedications in Pink Friday album booklet. No star knows their fans like u do

62. Writing your own raps

63. For remaining a class act and not stooping to bum bxtxh level no matter what they throw at you

64. Media savvy

65. You're still just a girl living a dream

66. That getting your eyebrows done makes you feel sexy.

67. Your laugh! Cute as

68. The rawness and edge of Vintage Nicki. I know she's still in there

69. You were adorable in glasses

70. The times when you were always so shocked that the crowd could rap all your songs

71. 'The End...Or Is It?' blog. I read that everyday

72. Sharing your transitional moments with us&using them as illustrations of how we can succeed too

73. You're the most powerful illustration of what it means to love&be yourself in a world or assimilation

74. Inspiring me to keep chasing my dreams in the face of adversity

75. The ATL lapdance!!!!! Can I just say how uncontainable my jealousy still is!

76. The King Magazine shoot and interview

77. The way you ran away from Birdman and Wayne when they cornered you on stage lol too cute

78. That the 1st thing you do when you hear beat is sing

79. Your sensitivity and sentimentality for cutesy stuff like pictures, letters and stuffed animals. It's touching.

80. That you're as unhinged as I am lol Risking your job to chase a customer to the car lot for a pen, Onika? Really?! LOL

81. The way you keep Safaree so close to you

82. That raving isn't your idea of a good way to spend your nights

83. Reaching me at a point when nothing and noone else can

84. The way you say "tawk" instead of 'talk' & "awways" instead of 'always'. Your NY accent is so fetch!

85. The invention of Roman: OUT magazine interview. Candid, sweet and open.

86. That you stay on top of every move you make both on the business&music side of things

87. The MTN documentary. I watch that pretty much everyday&fall in love with you again every single time

87.a) Every single interview you've ever done

88. Your forehead lol but like seriously in the Your Love video you look so soft & precious

89. Always shouting out & showing love to your predecessors

90. Never being afraid to step up & claim your spot. You made this happen but STILL you're humble

91. You appreciate GOOD food! Curry chicken and roti! Yes! My kinda girl

92. For turning straight girls into Nickiesbians *raises hand*

93. That you can't function if it's less than 90 degrees. *high5* HB! I'm allergic to the cold too

94. Forever resurrecting irrelevant bxtxhes RICKI LAKE lol

95. That you take everything you do seriously, no matter how small it seems

96. Telling Chelsea Lately to #sit LOL classic

97. Making music to live by

98. "We all agree that we like big" #nopauz LOL also the sleep wear thing... *sings* t-shirt and my panties oooorn...

99. You think New Years Resolutions are corny

100. You're perfect & I love you very fxcking much Angel Face!!

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    SuperBassVideo Today

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    damn the whole government

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