Sun, Nov 10, 2013 at 8:00 PM

fuckin gossip

Here's a new story. My sister has 17 years old and in this blog i will tell u everything i know about her... the only thing u wont know its her name.

She failed phisics when she was in 4th semester
She skiped classes, and my mom didnt knew it (actually my mom know when i skip classes, I ask her permision, yes im a nerd -.-)
She go out of the house at 3 am in the morning to meet her boyfriend cuz they had a fight
She lost her virginity in my mom's bedroom, that means that she had sex in my mom's bed.

But if I get a 64/100 its the world war six, if i use my phone its the worst thing i do, if i arrived home 15 min. after the time she told me she kills me and its fuckin mad all day and talk to me in a rude mode :( yep its not really fair.
Im not an angel, but my sister tells my mom everything i do, everything i did and then she get mad on me, but i cant tell nobody what i know about her! I love all my sisters but please, if u were me u'd be as mad as i am right know.

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