Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 10:03 PM

this is my 40th blog!!! :D

so, this is my 40th blog and im gonna tell you guys some things about me.

I am a young girl, a writer... so i was taking some practices of writing in internet. The thing is that i picked a character and i had to be the character for, about 3 months (too much like nicki's alter egos, but not too much) Iwas myself and I was that kind,sweet, and crazy girl, that at the same time is a bitch. She has been me the most part of the time i write a blog, a chapter of my novels and my journals (it was an english hw i had to write wht i did in my day for a week, 2 weeks).

Ok, now facts about the real Norko:
- I love Nicki Minaj because of her story, and her music, and she inspie me to be better and better. Not for her ass, her boobs and her color.
- I dont really think she is too black (i hope i didnt sound racist )
- I'm from mexico, but i write in english bc i wanna practice the language, and the most of the ppl here are from other contries where doesnt speak spanish, and everyone speak english so.. x.x
- My favorit color is pink purple and blue.
- My favorite sport is cheerleading.
- I've been missing somethis since about 3 days, i didnt know what but i think that i've been missing being myself, being alone for a while, being away from everybody and everything. And write.
- This is one of the most honest blog i eve post

Love always guys <3 god bless you and s/o to the guy i met here (you know who you are) sorry dude but i wasnt me all this time.

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