Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 7:00 PM

Words from the Heart

Words can't explain of how much I love you! But FUCK IT I'ma go for it anyway!!

- Onika Tanya Maraj, Where do I begin? I remember the day my brother brought the COME UP DVD to my house back in late 07... I'll be honest, watching you pop all da shxt, I HATED YOU! LmASSo! But once I heard you spit that "40 bars " I FELL IN LOVEEE with your music. I've not once ever heard a Female rapper using Unique Similes and Metaphors sounding SUPER INTELLIGENT, HOOD and SEXY all at the same time. Never would I have thought 4 years later I'd be stanning the way I do!

-I know I don't come to EVERY event but just seeing pics and videos makes me smile! Your smile is PERFECT, your humor, your personality, your beauty, EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU IS OUT OF THIS WORLD. I never thought I'd be this " OBSESSED " (As pple say) of a Celebrity, But you're beyond a celebrity. You are a PHENOMENON! Just look at how long you've been in the game and already made a HUGE IMPACT in the music industry.

- I never thought that there'd be a celebrity who's actually GENUINE and cares for others such as yourself. You bring such a positive impact to my life and you have a special place in my heart. Being with you that day at Femme Fatale tour was all I ever wanted and I am truly THANKFUL and SATISFIED that I got to meet just once!!! SCAFF BEEZY is also a blessing! Never would I thought he'd remember me all the way from 106 & NICKI lol... But he really did.. One thing I love about both you and SB is that you guys are HUMAN. You guys never act as if you were too good to talk to us (Minus SB lmaoo he KNOWS he better than everyone, IGNORANT FUCK! lol) I am sooo Happy to have you guys. You NICKI MINAJ is on EXTRAORDINARY individual! I don't how many times I said I love you but no matter how many times I say it, you'll never understand.

- With that said, Both of you Nicki & SB I just wanna say thank you for making this HORRIBLE YEAR a little brighter and that there is HOPE for people like me...

I love you, @PLaYBoYKeNxX

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