Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 1:18 PM

Did Nicki Minaj Have A Son With Her Dad? And Did She Get An Abortion Or Had Her Baby Adopted?

In her song autobiography she says she was going to have a son with her dad and she gave her baby up...

Damn I wanna run to you
Hold you n kiss you tell you how I miss you
Thought I would have a son for you….
You was my friend and my man and my daddy
Please baby forgive me, mommy was young, mommy was to busy tryna have fun now I pat myself on the back for sending you back cause god knows I was better than that to conceive then leave you the concept alone seems evil I’m trapped in my concience
I adhear to the nonsense listened to people who told me I wasn’t ready for you
But how the **** would they know wat I was ready to do
And of course it wasn’t your fault
It’s like I feel it in the air, I hear you sayin mommy don’t cry can’t you see I’m right here I gotta let you know what you mean to me when I’m sleeping I see you in my dreams with me wish I could touch your little face or just hold your little hand if it’s part of gods plan, maybe we can met again

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