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  1. Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 7:43 AM

    What lays in my mind.

    Posted by K3K3_MINAJ

    Sex is always on my mind super heavy. I'm always thinking about past times I've had sex, future sexual encounters, it just takes over my mind most days. Now don't get me wrong I haven't had sex in over three months, which feels like forever. I just don't want to be one of those people where sex controls their life's, but it is very easy to fall into that wonderful whole of ecstasy. Every inch...

  2. Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 10:50 PM


    Posted by Ernesto Rosa

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  3. Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 8:06 PM


    Posted by MonroesMistress

    life is all about challenges and obsticles

  4. Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 4:21 PM

    Ana Maria.

    Posted by Ana bueno

    "Se tarda unos segundos en decir hola y una eternidad en decir ADIOS"

  5. Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 7:58 AM

    My Life

    Posted by BRiTNiLiSHA

    I was born in Boston, Massachusetts but when I was eighteen years old I moved to California with my mom who divorced my father... Now I'm a California girl but I'll always be a Boston girl too

  6. Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 4:01 AM


    Posted by taytay love him

    Follow me on ins tagram misscolliz

  7. Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 3:11 AM

    My First Day on

    Posted by ninja_minaj_

    it my first day here and I am lost as eff but I will learn what to do

  8. Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 1:54 AM

    hey when is nicki coming to SA

    Posted by thabo8264

    Hey I was jus wondering when is nicki coming to SOUTH AFRICA...m.9an anyone give me a clue please I'm dying to know

  9. Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 10:27 PM


    Posted by NickiMinajoxo

    UK release date?!!?

  10. Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 8:10 PM


    Posted by biches love me

    Boy these days think that they fuckin smarter than us girls Fuck these boys out here

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