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Simply, Congradulations NICKSTUR!!!

Sat, Feb 2, 2013 at 2:55 PM By: Stepyacookiesup

this yo fan Mason F. Nicki! You're helpful advice to the contestants has been constantly talked about being the most useful compared to other judges! It's so exciting to see you on idol!!! Also, your inspiration always makes us feel like we have a beat friend right by our side. &.. That is more humbling than you know! Who would've have guessed you wouldve been a such a superstar ? WE DID!!!! love ya. Anyways ... My favorites have not yet been standing out yet, there were about 3 very soulful voices that had an excellent gospel tone. Those tones were excellent. I wish I could remember specific names, dang it... But! That very light skinne girl with dark eyes was very memorable from last week. Only 16 yet seemed so very secure with her total talent! All are very exciting. HOLLYWOOD WEEK! Time to show!

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