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Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 11:22 PM By: Kath

Hi Nicki,

I feel your sadness at Curtis leaving Idol, obviously the general public is not ready for or cannot appreciate the higher energies he brings forth with his voice.
I'm really devastated at the judges not agreeing to use the one available opportunity to get him back. I concur the discussion was flawed and wasn't
given the due process, how can it be if done in one minute and while he was singing! This was an important decision, improve that please producers.
Thankyou for your honest, accurate and funny observations, I really admire your vocal spontaneity that comes from the heart, don't change :)

Here in Australia one of our best Idol contestants, Ricki-Lee Coulter was voted off way too early due voter incompetence, however she had
the talent and drive to be successful in her own way and time. We can only trust that Curtis' talent is too fine for the average Joe and maybe being thrown
into the ugliness of commercial hitmaking is not the way for him. He has shown us his light and may it shine onto his true path to show the way for him.


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