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How have you dreamed of meeting Nicki Minaj???

Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 10:56 PM By: BabyEnvy

Ok, Barbz and KenBarbz what is a way that you have dreamed of meeting Nicki? like were you at the same mall in the same store? sitting next to each other at diner (Panera, Mickey D's, etc.), and/or did you "bump" into here while jogging at the park. Like I really wanna know and Im gonna share mine right now:
My at the mall looking through a shirt rack and I go to grab this shirt at the same she does. We argue over the shirt alittle then we both decide that its not all that cute anyway so we move on to another rack picking out cloths for each other.
To great people with a amazing fashion sence!!
Hmmmmm I wander which one of us got to get the shirt. lol
I know its a little cliche, but thats how I see it. So now its you guys turn tell me your dream-meeting.

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