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Pain that ends with words

Mon, Jan 7, 2013 at 1:29 AM By: Verniquia Maraj

How dare you try to put me down. So much fire inside me like hell with a never ending burning sensation. I want to yell and scream because of the madness that withholds me. The stress that's been among me, you comfort and know my troubles. why not explain the problem instead of ignore it, why not sit me down then blame. What hurt my joy and give me the finger like I am a horrible person. Your eyes said unacceptable and my eyes said sorry like a repeat of your favorite show, the Boondocks. Your parts that you know like the back of your hand, waiting on each fraise to start and finish. Your control over my feelings, emotions and body language. I don't want to be your puppet or your marionette. Why not just love me instead of putting me down. I'm tired of this station. I want to watch a happy story of love. Is it to be or not to be. Well now not to be is sounding really good at the moment. What else can I do. Gifts don't work and thoughtful messages come and go..... Ha it was all my actions that started it? Well if I am to blame then let me be the biggest victim of this relationship and show you how to end the blaming from your mind. I will walk with a pep and be free like a blue bird in the spring time. A roller coaster that's became boring an not even worth the ride, so let me step off and go into the next line.

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