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*NEW STORY* The Game

Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 7:52 PM By: Insane Lee'

"Lets go Nic," My boyfriend grabbed me inside of our home while I carried our bags.

"Alright Michael just let me get my things in okay!" I grabbed my last bag and brung it into the living room.

I plopped down on the couch and took a breath and slipped off my heels leaning my head back. "We finally here baby!" He picked me up spinning around.

"Yeah I know that Michael." I sighed as he kissed me.

His phone started to ring and he answered it putting me back down. I pulled out my phone and seen that no one called me. I guess I was right, nobody wont miss me.

Michael hung up and plopped down on the couch beside me smiling his ass off. "Man try-outs tomorrow!" He laughed.

I leaned over and kissed him. "And your gonna' make it too baby!" I laughed and he picked me up.

"You know what this m-"

"Not today I am TIRED!" I said hopping from out of his arms.

"All rookies are not good baby." My husband Jermaine said eating the rest of his noodles.

"Well how do you know baby? You don't--"

"GiGi baby, I know them all! Do you know how long I have been on the team?" He pointed his fork at me.

"Yes I know that b--"

"Have you been apart of the sabers before?" he asked me.

"No bu--"

"My point is made!" He stood up giving me a kiss the he sat down in the living room.

"Aye dad, wanna' play some football in the backyard?" My son Kendal yelled coming from the back.

"Uhm I will play later... Where are your friends?" Jermaine asked looking around.

"You kicked them out because they wanted seconds on the chicken." Ken sat down on the couch.

"Ohh... Oh yeeaahhh!" Jermaine shook his head. "Well comon and play the game with me."

"Alright.." Ken pouted.

"A'rent you like 13?" Jermain started. "And you pouting? Boy shut up!"

"Jay, don't say that to him!" I hissed.

"Its the truth damn Gi!" He started up the game.

"Baby, can you turn that s*** down?" My fiance Drake complained.

"Excuse me Drake, I am practicing! Don't like it, get the hell out!" I spat standing up.

"Jordin, baby! I am trying to practice and you got that loud ass music playing and talking hella loud on that damn phone!" He threw down his ball looking at me.

"Uhm, last time I checked! This was OUR backyard! Last time I checked you said 'EVERYTHING THATS MINE IS YOURS TOO BABY'" I shouted picking up my pom-poms.

"I said that so you could stop-- You know what, go ahead Jordin." He started to walk back inside of the house.

"DON'T WALK AWAY FROM ME!" I screamed turning him around.

He smacked his lips and turned around rolling his eyes. "I don;t feel like arguing with yo' ass today." He started. "No if you finna' fuss about nothing then walk away." He said pointing to the Benz in the drive-way.

I sighed and stomped my feet. "Sorry baby." I said then I kissed him. "I am just so annoyed over the coach... She is making us practice harder since the off season is almost over." I kissed him again.

"It is not hard being a cheerleader!" He made a face.

I looked at him and scoffed laughing. "Well excuse me mr. Bog-Shot!" I mocked him. "Being a cheerleader is hard!" I started. "The guys are pervs.. You always gotta look sexy.." I trailed off.

"Pssshhhh" he waved me off going back to the backyard. "Looking good is easy!" He said.

"Alright baby, off season is almost over! We have to get motivated and right. Okay?" I said as he ran to me.

"Alright Asia, I got that! But, did you cook yet?" He asked dropping his football plopping down on the beach chair.

"Yes Chris I did. Just don't eat it all this time alright! Jermaine, Gi, Drake, and Jordin are coming over tonight." I said as we headed back inside of the house.

He turned to me and smacked his lips. "Tuhh' Jermaine cheap ass? That's my nigga but.... What the fck you and Gi and Jordin need to talk about that's so fcking important?" He asked getting some water.

I sighed and kissed him then he grabbed my ass. "Stop! She is coming over to talk with me about the sun beans." I said taking the food out of the oven.

"Man!" He smacked his lips. "Yall can't talk about that somewhere else?" He asked.

"No! I want them over for dinner. Besides, Gi and Jermaine invited me you and Lola over for dinner last week!"

"And we had some cheap ass order in chines food! I wanted CRAB!" He turned on the TV putting his feet on the table. "And I aint' like how his son was making passes at our daughter! Lil nigga." Chris said annoyed.

"Pssshh' Lola and Kendal are 13 years old. She CAN date Christopher." I crossed my arms.

"And who said that? Cause I didn't! Now THEY REALLY not coming over." He said aloud.

"I said it Chris. They look cute together anyways. He likes her, and she likes him! Its either him... Or some other lil nigga thats gone fck with her emotions. You pick!"

"Lil nigga that will fck with her emotions so I can whoop his ass and she learns at the same time!"

"I KNOW YOU GUYS ARE TALKING ABOUT ME!" Lola shouted coming from the upstairs. "Dad, you REALLY need to stop being all in my s***! I got this." She rolled her eyes biting an apple.

"Lo, don't get yo' ass beat. You 13, but you still can get handled." Chris looked at her sideways.

"Alright... Sorry popz. I mean, what about when you and mom were younger? All you wanted was SEX too." She rolled her neck.

Chis looked at her and she smiled evilly just reminding me of myself when I was younger. And I was still like that till this day. She crossed her arms and glared at her.

"Tonight... At dinner.... I want extras." Lola finished going to the back so she could jump inside of the pool.

"That girl! She... UGH!" Chris rolled his eyes getting angry.

"Man Ky this.. Chicken off the chain bae!" My boyfriend Sean said.

I smiled and kissed his forehead. "Thanks bae." I started, "this is all for you..."

"My baby is going to be a football player!" His mom laughed aloud smiling.

"Man! I knew you had it in you!" His father said while his brother playfully pushed him.

"MAN! I'm gonna' be on the team with Chris Brown! And, Jermaine Cole." Sean looked up then sighed.

"Don't think to big, you didn't make it yet, you have to go through try outs!" His father pointed his fork at him.

"I know daddy, but, how can I not? This is actually HAPPENING!" Sean smiled.

"It is! And you should get me together with one of them cheerleaders." His brother said.

"Well, baby, we all are happy for you! We just hope you make it after try-outs." I sighed uneasy.

He looked at us and rolled his eyes. "Baby.. Yall... I WILL! Dang. Believe!" He said laughing.
Oooh, Its finna' go down like two fat bitches inna' paddle boat.

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