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Can you Rap Like Nicki?

Sat, Nov 20, 2010 at 3:51 AM By: BummySwagScotty

Keep it real, can you rap like nicki? Lets see some of your own raps.

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    RE: Can you Rap Like Nicki?

    Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 8:26 PM By: RomansBestie

    yes I can do it like minaj, I got the barbie sickness
    coming down with awesome, you could never whip this
    im a classy girl, prefer vodka over beer
    though i never drink & drive, i still swerve over mere
    Mere little bitches thinking they're all that
    Smiling fake smiles, individuality they lack
    Because while I claim to be like nicki
    Im unique, all im gonna do is me
    so if that means im going in hard, pause
    I still never fuck with hoes, no santa clause
    But they could kiss my ring, and polish my crown
    Cause im number one in my division, top rapstress in this town
    Im like the female tupac, maybe female Jay-Z
    Still im bringing these male rappers down to their knees
    You better pray for mercy, cause Clancy is a beast
    Coast to coast they know it, in the west and in the east
    And im never going to retire, this game is in my hold
    And they could never warm me, I guess im just too cold
    Im iceburg, Im Antartica, the penguins are my groupies 
    And these people just wanna get the proof please
    its hard to believe that itty bitty me
    Could spin it and spit it like my idol Nicki
    But we both are on our grind, and in answer to your question
    I rap like nickster, with me you won't be messin
    i write anything really; raps, songs, poetry, stories...i have some raps in my blog (a kim diss && my own version to till the world ends) as well as the "rap battle" some of us are doing on here :) sometimes its easier to write certain days a certain form.
    any type of criticism is greatly appreciated too! always trying to improve :)

  2. momoney bouquet minaj avatar

    RE: Can you Rap Like Nicki?

    Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 8:32 PM By: momoney bouquet minaj

    [nicki minaj]
    i am the female weezy, this shit is easy
    pull up in that new new, bitch get a squeegee
    yeah my flow sick, yeah my flow queasy
    haha, they were sleeping on me, z-zz-zz
    this p-ssy clean, this p-ssy squeeky
    that p-ssy old, that p-ssy creaky
    when i’m out the country, niggas call me neeki
    hi, how are you? yes, it’s nice to meet me
    damn, billboard, i mean i’m winning but i’m still bored
    yeah we shine, gold cluster
    as for your career, dead: ghost busters

    ~momoney minaj ~

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