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Dreams of smashin' an old rap chick

Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 3:52 AM By: mrsburnsisapriss

your a sad hoe, but I'm a bad bitch
you tried to play me, but you ain't sayin' shit
your a slut, your a hoe your a freak
you tried to fuck wit me but that sample shit was weak
Bravo baby, its obvious that me and shady was too much for an old lady to handle alright?
Am I the only reason that your up all day and night?
Took a break from scratchin' lotto tickets just to pick a fight?

your two cheap shoes away from stompin hobos in the street
no album sales for an sleep
plastic heels and a pole is what your headin' for
ain't nobody checkin' for a old bitter whore
older than thirty four, saggin tits sweep the floor
menopause hittin... just let the sweat pour
Lemme ask you sumthin...what your shelf look like? no trophies yet? Shit, fuck your life
Your like an eclipse tryin' to block my shining light.
Just step aside and breathe my oxygen...back to life
I cant stand bitches... always hatin' on me
look in the mirror
your chin is double plated homie'
thats right I said it your still a has beeen
but whats the worst is you look like Jocelyn Wildenstein.
you think your Catwoman?
well I'm Batgirl
You fucked up now, welcome to my pink world
you should have scurried off once you checked my wingspan
now your the joker bitch
Boom! Pow! Bam!

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