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To my chick bad

Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 2:05 AM By: Smiley

Shit we just chillin,
ExpandinG my lunGs makinG them biGGer
Fuck with me how do you figure
Call my dude to bust dat triGGer.
Show you whose the baddest,
the way I walk
the way I talk
the shit be straiGht up madness
I don't need no add libs.
This is what we do
we spit and smoke trees all day
fuck what a bitch think I'll smile n say o k k k
i do all the damaGe
rock shortz with the hiGh tops
Im a fuckin savaGe
Me you cannot manaGe
You live like you in a desert
there is no humidity
you smoke that doo doo brown
I smoke piff
yess im GoinG Green
You know i sip that liquor
Drinkin Almaretta
Yup i am swole but thats kuz ma mama fed me
Fuck with me and I will have you trampled.
Get this smile up off my face is just an example
You think im bluffinG
Bitch try me i'll put you in a coffin
Even though its Grimey
I mean lame or I mean Green
It'd be fun if we made it a routine.
And now im soarinG on Ganja
I am BlowinG
SwimminG past these fake bitches
Please get on my torrent
You can't, Because you whorinG
My style is so inverted
The knowledge just pours in.

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