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Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 3:19 AM By: samweswil

Your flow's short, Gary Coleman.
Your heart's cold like a snowman.
Your sister could be my ho, man.
Yeah thats right, bringing out my inner Roman.
G2, Yeah i'm here to perform.
Don't be mad, you were already warned.
I bought ya the black hearse, get ready to mourn.
Again don't be mad cause i'm not you, just follow my form, followthough.
Yah trick yah, keep up with the pace.
Oh i'm sorry why you red in the face?
Your sad because i'm leadin the race?
Hatin because your grind faded, oh yeah, my last verse had it amputated.
Get green all year like a pine.
Back off bums, all of it is mine!
Filet mignon with the fine wine, make a toast for our success,
and it go chime.
I'm carrying the load, u-haul.
You just a money-grubber, Bernie Madoff.
You're strugglin' to get your mortgage paid off!
Better watch it, or you'll get laid off.

i'm the best now,
anybody with some money should invest now!
soccer moms needa organize a pep rall,
ya game over bitch,
gatorade, wet towel.

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