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Memories And Dreams

Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 5:46 AM By: ChimmyGangster

Everything was white, yeah, it was white.
they brought me in, i was tryin to fight.
fight my way outta this white abyss.
i swing but i miss.
it was because of all those drugs,
they all give me hugs.
they dont feel real,
im losing my feel.
until im completely numb,
and i realize when i wake up my scars will never heal.
when i wake up,
it makes me wanna throw up.
too much meds,
ughhh, neds.
so much feelings that are hard feeling!
i just wanna start healing!
its never started!
life is cold hearted!
they wont heal my scars,
im trapped behind steel bars!
life wont let me out,
theres no use to shout.
sometimes theres just no love in my mind,
nothing to look forward to.
and nothing to ever fricken find,
so i dunno, how would you?
they just tell me dont get into no fight,
but if you do, beat em up.
hahah ight.
that gonna happen soon if things dont go up.
i dont care what you think,
and nobody else does either.
stop trying already just blink!
and yeahh, now you do got somethin to fear!
just go drink so you can have a better life,
put down that knife,
dont end it now,
thats a crime,
lets end mine.


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