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My Hello Good Morning Freestyle (Justin Bieber Diss)

Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 7:23 PM By: Ken Lewinsky1247

Call Me Dracula Cuz All I do is count chips ya money Minnie I ain't talking bout the mouse trick all these followers be wonderin were I be at you aint nicki its no of you're flipping beeswax drip drip drip like that mofo tree sap call that my anthem not the damn catch phrase you know these suckers love to praise keep playing these suckaz my stacks will raise make these chicks run like I threw the bouquet you know you gayer than a motherfuckin 2Pay Chicks Be Like What's Yo Number (209)555-5500 You No I Messing with you if you a big hoe I'm the best artist like Vincent Van Gogh ya know when I get signed my album gonna be the best like Nicki Minaj I'm the best put you suckaz to rest like it's naptime put on my backpack and walk to school you little wannabes looking like straight fools it's the DJWILLIAMSEFFECT Show some respect I was flyer than you when I was wearing pampers so much clothes need seven clothes hampers you got crack in ya blunt call it rock & roll it's like the olympics I'm gonna make ya chick tumble & Roll what you got a penny in Yo pocket some food stamps in yo wallet get big get big while you was drivin a smart car I was handlin a big rig I can't help I'm so fly I'm a big kid
-Ken Lewinsky (in a British accent)

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