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!!!!!!!AMAZING RAP!!!!!!!!

Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 4:25 AM By: Miss Cloo

So me and a friend were playin around and we wrote raps dissing each other nothin is seriousall in good fun; here's the one i wrote bout her:

**P.S. All you pro rappers out there don't laugh at my crappy rap skils** (;

This verse is dedicated to the little white girl, who think she better than the rest of the world
She has a thing for short Barbie boys
Can’t make up her mind between the races
She think she Mexican she think she black
You don’t know the dif between white and brown
When she wake up she look like a f***ed up clown
Man don’t get me started on the way she talk
I’ve heard dogs that sound better when they bark
Be talking all ghetto like she be black
She ready to fight like she grew up in the hood
Come on please you live in the whitest hood
Anyone that lives there is part of the Klan
They ready to hurt anyone that has a tan
Unless of course they working their land
Oh yeah that reminds me, what’s up with you trying to tan?
It ain’t gonna make you look any better when it’s all fake
I get my color from being born this natural shade
You always trying to rap but you aren’t like Slim Shady
He actually got talent and he wasn’t a wanna be Wayne
You think he was in his math class going insane?
I’m sure he wasn’t stupid enough to yell at the girl with the strength of 5 men
So my message to you is this:
Don’t mess with me cause i'm a bad chick
I ain’t telling you this again
Don’t think I can do it? I’ll play it like Obama to reassure you
Yes I can.

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    Re: !!!!!!!AMAZING RAP!!!!!!!!

    Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 9:49 PM By: lilbeezy

    Amazing??? No. Goose. But yes, that was!! :))
    lil beezy

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