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Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 10:54 AM By: The_Roman_Minaj420

I'm excited to smoke, to toke it up,
To forget about all my stress and how i'm broke as fuck.
To forget about all my negative inspirations
They brought me down, but now i'm escalatin.
I got dreams of people knowing my success,
That what i start I always finish w/ being the best.
All the non believers, brush 'em off my chest
Try to shoot me down, bullet proof vest.
Get in the back and i'll show you what i'm working with ... mmm
Now thats my cockiness,

I just had an epiphany
That this will be my history
The thing that gets me famous oh the thing they'll call my victory.
Each time I smoke a blunt or joint they'll ring the bell of liberty.
Whats that i still got?
My dignity.
Piss off bitch
Go make me that sandwich
Can't mess that shit up
Riiight, you hooked on phonics.
Ippity bippity to the boppidy boo,
Cinderella ...
Your reputation be through
Let me do the calculations,
You divided by me equals major hostility,
Something's wrong with you yah got a lower disability
I can go on for ages
Endless possibilities.

My dogs smarter then you when she sniffs her poo
Oh what you mad?
Go on and sue (I Dare You) ...
I'm tired of people thinking them rhyming then big words like extraordinary
They'll be the visionary. (What)
All you gotta do is use the dictionary.
Its easy (Watch)
Drew Carry.
When i'm done with you you'll need a respirator,
And when you dead,
I'll be back,
You think I got an ego,
Bitch i got class
My pinky be up each time i be getting smashed,
Is that crass,
Kiss my black ass,
Excuse me while i go back to smoking all grass stash.

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