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think u bad?

Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 6:21 AM By: 1luv1lif3

girls these days thinkin they gotta have everything
this one that one over there gotta have that one
with a point of a finger her words seem easier
guys walk by and by to laugh at your behind
you think you have it made when only get played
but that's ok you have all answers, all moves,
all tricks to get everything these days
course ----> sad sad little girl
this world ant built like a fun-house
it's time you enter my house
be a big girl now
see what the real worlds all about
you think you got moves
i only laugh in your face
that's a big mistake
it takes a big girl to impress the world
that's why they screaming for me (encore encore)
you still pullin tricks
thinkin you the best
it's time i push you
push you to the test
cause this bad chick even left harry houdini to rest
or can you even understand that
come on little girl
still think the world in your possession
hey hey little girl i ask a question
all sudden ant got nothin to say
come on louder louder
still nothing it's okay
I've got plenty
just take a sit and listen to my flow
you always imitate anyways
see what the real worlds all about
hush hush JUST SHUT UP
this is my stage little girl
go back to your dog house
oops i mean fun-house
let the big girls take care of the real world
step back and take in a lesson
you nothin like me
you'll soon regret thinkin you the best
nothing but a cool
only a outcast in my house
real world ant got an easy button
no pointin chump fingers here
real world likes to crush little girls
anything fun about your house since i pounce
seems like fun turnin in to a monster house
psh i told you it ant no fun-house
you best look out you never know what might come out
ya, you second guessin who you are
even where you came from
cause you ant no SU-SU-SUPER star
never will get this far
but I'll make sure to send you a post card
sad sad little girl
this worlds not built like your house
it's time you realize this my house
can't handle being a big girl now
see this what the real world all about

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