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Went Thru A Hard Time !!!

Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 9:58 PM By: KassieSoDope

I sit here and reminisce about it all
Music in my ears
Playing One song
rain falls here and there
grinning so cheesy
thinking about evrything in life
It's all breaking apart
you can't let your head down
And let it get the best of you
Sometimes a boost is needed
But we all have our technical difficulties
we break down
And can't put our selves back together
Just give me some glue
Maybe the other half will stick to the other
Maybe it would've of been forever
A frown so strong
Needed to see you smile
Cause your the most important
need a change
Cause i want you to stay for a while
Think through some things
Confused on this path
Wondering if it'll last
Some people change
But I'm still in my daze
With my prince in shining armor
To come rescue me from this blaze
The fire dies
Still not saved
My mind wipes blank
leaves you behind
With all the good times
Having this big cheesy smile
That I don't like
Reminds me of the words spoken
to Fill me with a feeling
That I miss
So all I can do is just reminisce
Looking straight up
Realizing the sky isn't the limit
there is none
Just got to know what you love
If it's true
It'll be for ever,
I was right
Till the end of space
Like i said that one night
ima damzel in distress
Naw i dont need a batman
I need my superman
He gone high in da sky
His bestman herb
His wife so fly
Mary jane is da best
She better den da rest
so high off da ground
It aint gonna b easy tryna come down
Settle in and be a cheif
My heart knows you a thief
Cause all dis reefer
Got me thinking clearer
I need my superman
to take me high
Just realized dat shit aint for me
Gonna be my own
Aint no puppet master
In dis big ass disaster
My heart beating slower
Your mind is moving faster
Not knowing which way to go
Aye time is precious
Dat dont mean u got to fuck it
Dis day could b ur last
Dont waste time
playing dese tricks
I aint a magician
pulling a rabbit from my hat
Im good without dat
Dis is serious
Had me so delirious
In da end
It all became so serious
woke me up from my dream
No knight in shining armor
jus a man dat can make me smile
It takes time
No more patience
My waiting is done
Don't need no tips
I've got enough
not a next time
Cause I don't want to be rushed
so in da end I won't get crushed
In da start
I would have never thought
All da sounds coming together
If you've got something to say
Say it now,
Cause the impossible just became possible,
Alot of things said cleary
Is it the truth really
Or just some fictional shit
Dis book is a mystery
Not da greatest
But satisfactory
Face da truth
Ders no one here
To console me
So i got to take da step
And control my life
Da way I want it
No more relying on people
Cuz at da end of da night
I'm da only one dat stays
I'm still here
Not putting myself down
Put my guard up now
Cause hurt isn't an emotion I'm tryna feel
when your with me keep it real
Don't want no fakes
Don't need support anymore
I can make it through dis on my own
Sometimes we just need some time alone
I'm not ready for change
Don't feel sorry
It wasn't meant to be right now
lets just leave each other for a while
I won't be here to love forever
Not going to wait on it anymore
What happens, happens
Don't got to be scared no more
not gona let it happen again
My heart is sore
-KassieSoDope Bxtchezz!! ;*

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    RE: Went Thru A Hard Time !!!

    Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 4:02 AM By: PINK ROMAN

    i really love this you really went in it is deep

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