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Lyrics of Ucci Ucci/ The Nicki Minaj verse??

Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 5:38 PM By: Charlaih

Hey, i'm looking for the lyrics of Nicki's verse in Ucci Ucci by Enur Ft. The Chopper City Boyz on ther album 'Raggatronic' I cant find them anywear, but i loooove her part and i cant wait to sing along!!

Thx a lot!!

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    Re: Lyrics of Ucci Ucci/ The Nicki Minaj verse??

    Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 9:50 PM By: Nadja.

    Yippie yay ki-yo, check up on the bio
    That lettuce & tomato, don't forget the mayo
    Just cuz I know they bite my style
    Gucci carry-on & that's for Fido
    (Let's get it now)
    Ucci coochie, got some good Gucci
    When I'm on the beach, I got some good Pucci
    See me in the hood like French fries & a 2 piece
    When I'm in the club, they Nicki Minaj groupies
    Ok, off witcha coofie-coofie
    You know I got that flavour, call me Foofie-foofie
    What you know bout the Gucci suit?
    Gucci coupe, soft top Gucci roof.
    Listen, I'm that chick, I'm that chick
    All y'all mutha-ooh! betta sign my cheque.

    yw :)

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