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My Nicki Minaj Dedication (Lyrics + YouTube Link) (Wrote By Me)

Sat, May 12, 2012 at 7:24 AM By: KallMeTone

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[im so tense right now]


Baby girl you birth life through your music,
While I was doubting myself,
I heard your voice saying come on Lex,
Yea you can you can do it,
You showed love for the race,
Cause in your eyes aint no such thing as eww the gay, bi's, or the straights,
Even if we never meet Nicki,
I always feel a piece of you is with me,
Til death do us part,
Imma Team Minaj stan,
So if it comes to it and you need me one day,
Ill jump off Noah's arc,
And wont come back until I find you out the bay boo,
I mean every thing I say from the top of my heart,
Just call me sweet tart,
Baby it aint Mona Lisa,
But you a piece art,
Tell these haters its okay,
We all know they heart,
They really wanna join the wave,
Cause your love like tides its too deep,
Yea They feeling the current,
Uh huh N-I-C,
Play Time Is Over,
So what the hell Kim doing?,
God is with me though,
So failure something I aint really pursuing,
When they all get judgmental,
We know we done won the case,
The war been begun,
And we still at the top though,
Team Minaj aint leaving first place,
I bet if you put the flag down we'll still win if the way was a race...


Nicki you own it all (x3)


Nicki you own it all baby,
You got the world in the palm of your hands,
So as the world spins,
Team Minaj Ascends,
Nicki you did it on your own,
Dont Stop,
Dont Stop,
You the king & the queen,
Your time is here,
Look closely at it boo,
Your vision is clear,
Dont Stop,
Dont Stop,
Nicki you did it on your own,
You own it all,
You made the world realize you could change it,
With out ,
Showing your draws,
You gave Team Minaj a place to call home,
That voice to follow,
When we was led wrong,
In due time you'll get more than what you deserve,
Tell the haters all that bull bull for the birds,
Chris Brown said it best,
Nicki you inspired a lot of minds,
Touched a lot of souls,
Turned black hearts into gold,
And gave people that confidence they never thought they could show,
Thats why Team Minaj be at your shows,
Letting you know we supporting the kid,
No matter if you leave or go,
You that rich thats untold,
Baby you got it,
You got it,
You the best (x2)
Now Imma let the hook finish the rest...

Its Team Minaj yall other teams aint got nothing on us,
Yall other teams aint comparing to us,
2-5-2 stand up
If it is to be it is up to me
Dedicated to Nicki Minaj
Cop that Pink Friday Roman Reloaded
Follow her on twitter
Scaff Beezy we see you too lil brah'
We out chea
Young Money

Nicki you own it all,
Nicki you own it all...
[signature]I Love Nick. =) S.B Wrote Me On Twitter When I Was (NickizYunqBarbz) But Now Im (NickiTeenFanzPg) And Im Waiting For Nicki 2 Write Me.. =)[/signature]

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    Re: My Nicki Minaj Dedication (Lyrics + YouTube Link) (Wrote By Me)

    Thu, Jul 5, 2012 at 7:19 PM By: Ms.Everything

    Im lovin it

    Vogue Vogue

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