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Nicki Minaj Rap 3rd

Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 4:03 AM By: LaBarbieDollMinajLover

Nicki Is Owning Thiss Shieet Way Bettah Than Lil Kim.Im Just Tryin' To Let Y'all Know Whos The Queen.i Mean She Came From Trinidad Now Shes Rappin With Weezy & Drake.Im Tellin' Y'all Men Shes the Shieet.Anyways Let Me Tell Y'all How Much I Love Nicki Is Like Y'all Can Take Off Jersey Shore & Put Up A Nicki Show I Would Love Thaat Like Fo'Sho. Im Just Tellin Y'all Man No One Can Get To Her Level!Shes Just Rullin' The World.She Gonna Have This Moment Fo Life Cause Im Sure This is Just The Start.I Mean Her First Album Is Out & It Was On Crack I Mean You Didn't Even Have To Skip A Track.I Think I'll Let Y'all Go Here & Leave The Rest For Another Rap.Theres Lotts To Say Bout Our Girl Minaj. & If Y'all Want Y'all Can Add Some To This Rap. Im Fo'Real Yo' Well Duces Im outt'!

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