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Sk!ttles Freestyle (With Blazin' instrumentals)

Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 8:23 PM By: Sk!ttle Doll

Doll from the block
Coming up on your town uh
Twerking is a habit
Aint no natural booty shaking uh
Vertical I go
Horizontal and Diagonal
Sensational a feeling
Imma give you when we grinding uh
I own the dancefloor
Aint no bitch can come an take my spot
These peasants get so hesitant
I pleasantly surprise their eyes
Call me Sergeant Bitch
Drip dripping off with swag uh
Niggas so whack
Always talking kak behind my back
But imma throw back
Alotta crap coming out your ass
You can be a bitch
I can be a bitch too
Little bint
Tryna stunt
Fucking cunt
What you want from me?
Why they hate on me?
Cause they wish they had my talenty
Devils in disguise
Always tryna take my soul from me
And music is my soul
I will never let it go
Find me at the club wit Minaj
Rozay Swag
Rick Ross
No more hustling
And bustling
And cussing
From them twats who think
They better than me?
What they can't seem to see
Is their 3 star swag
Can't beat my 5 star
Imma 5 star chick
So Yo Gotti
You can get it in
Sk!ttle swag on
Won't you come and taste my rainbow bitch
Creative individual
My visual
So sick you know
My nigga mentality
Coming to your town bitch
Might as well ditch
I'm the best of the bestest
Always rolling with the illest
Never catching their diseases
All these niggas wanna pleases
But you can't meet my standard
Dumby Dumby dumb swag
All the way turnt down
Rapper I know
Bitches wanna be my hoes
Big pimping
And this cash
Coming straight from the bank
Ha, ha ha ha ha
£50 000 bill
No cheap currencies allowed
Now all you ninjas bow down
To your African Queen
Won't stop reppin' till the death of me
And I'm never dying out

Replies to this posting

  1. MissJerseyy avatar

    Re: Sk!ttles Freestyle (With Blazin' instrumentals)

    Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 9:22 PM By: MissJerseyy

    Like It.

    You should make youtube videos or something doing your freestyles then you can post them here and people can give you feedback.
    Just gotta be confident enough to not let haters bother you cause there will always be a few of those.

    But I like this!!!

  2. Sk!ttle Doll avatar

    RE: Sk!ttles Freestyle (With Blazin' instrumentals)

    Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 4:52 AM By: Sk!ttle Doll

    Thanks for the advice Barb! I'm thinking bout making a YouTube vid just dunno when

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