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Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 3:02 PM By: AnnieMonstar

it's my first rap song ever and i only wrote it for fun. hope u guys let me know if u like it or not ;)

Don't scream out loud, don't take me down
Cuz shawty you won't get it
You better know I can replace ya, find another baby
Don't let me know that you're a sucka
Hanging down foreva
Before the midnight anyway you'll lose your Cinderella
Cuz I'll get the town, show ya how it works with Bella
Tonight I'm Annie Monstar, don't ya try to stop my fellas
Enjoying in my lamborghinni, as long as we get some Martini

This is how it works, so come on and let it rock
I'm getting all the drinks, this is how I make it rock
Turn off ya phone, let's go out and let it rock
I'll get ya hot-hot, now all my fellas say my name

Get your dick hard if you get me in a video
Fuck up your bitch, we're not playing rodeo
Can get you so hot, can make ya bed rock
My boy tonight imma-imma play your pa-part


I fell in love with your blue eyes like Gerard Pique
Baby tonight I'm fucking you just like Enrique
Come on, let's go, say ma name you got me fierce
Come get my body or my baby can't you do it

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