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My First!

Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 7:30 PM By: Katapillar

I fixed the audio and did some editing on it, so it should be better, if only for the audio's sake.

And here is the link:

Thanks everyone!


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    RE: My First!

    Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 11:48 PM By: Katapillar

    Here are the lyrics, because I know it's hard to hear and I was asked to post them :)

    I guess you had to go and get famous somehow
    You're using Nicki's name but you're looking dumb now
    This ain't the 90's bitch so sit the fuck down
    You're looking Krusty, Springfield's bad clown
    You're old, you're cold, you ain't going gold
    They say play your hand but you should just fold
    You snapped, you're whack, you could be on crack
    Couldn't get your own so you use Nicki's track
    You're a mother fucking joke joke
    Must be going broke broke
    Thinking that you're dope dope
    Take another toke toke
    That's the kind of bitch we were warned about
    Tryna get fame off of others wealth
    She's like, Excuse me, please remember my name
    Even though I'm whack and I fell out of the game
    I mean, remember the following I gained
    By clinging to my man, man I loved that fame
    Bitch back off, bitch back off
    Can't you tell when the world's had enough
    You ain't Nicki Minaj, so back the eff up
    You're an eff up so get the eff up.

    Ahahaha, like I said, this was thrown together and I totally had fun the whole time. It's just something to make you guys laugh. And thanks to everyone who listened to it! :)

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