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This is a dis (freestyle)

Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 8:14 PM By: BarbsEmi

they say go hard or go home so yes, im homeless. i could give a fuck if them hoes was intittled my 'Opponents' .
i aint even went hard yet but they tryna forefitt. but she aint goin no where,even though her life is pointless .im the smart bitch in the studio, so i guess your say is useless. fuck around and ima have my barbies become nusints. okay wait, girl you dont even have a life.
you sit and watch me do my thang and now she up for sacrifice.
Bitches like you are the type i dont like . if you gone battle me in the AM you should reherse during the night.
Um Barbie bitch, fuck wit it. i might have to kill this shit. Reppin YM cause Nicki the MAIN bitch sellin it. But shout out to weezy. Drake, and tyga. Dont forget Bird he a mofuckin rida . MN full of survivors, Minaj on top. WE killin this shit. we cannot be stopped.
LMAO I laughed the whole way thru .

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    Re: This is a dis (freestyle)

    Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 5:11 PM By: Fernando David Martinez

    Hey Its amazing... It's what I like bout freestyles... "the feeling".. U Got It!!! Congratz
    "See Us Where The Shit Fly" ~ZJ.~

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