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Sun, Mar 6, 2011 at 5:36 AM By: Chrissy Tina mua

mic check 1,2,,1-2
take note, heres what im gun do
ima take it to the street
but the streets get left
ima show how to do it cuz
im the b-best
settle down kiddes i aint gone just yet
wait, while dey pum some fuel in my pinup jet
see im so rite
others brauds go left
i lick my lips
and i ice my chest
understand dat ur man aint what im lookin for
some call me a skank some call me a whore
but its all about the money
only men im lookin for
check yaself honey put ur brain on pause
else ima bring it to ya like santa clause
and my rap is so random aint got nun to say
jus felt lik droppin a piece f**K wat u portrey
but u no i got the love for all my fellow dolls
lookin so cute, take a pirncess to the ball
hahahahaha sorry neva dat
i aint bitin nicki but on my face
a b*** neva sat
but ill sit on hers and ill sleep on u
im laughin at the world, F u gun do
rock-a-bye baby now fall asleep
else ima sooth u wit some metal
6 feet under make ya sleep real deep


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