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Making Money

Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 8:08 PM By: G.Classy

Do this right here for my money making bitchs.
Hustling type bitchs that be always on they’re business.
Cashing them checks – boy – we stacking them figures.
Like a candied paint 6-8 we got those hydraulic switches.
Raised on the coast (W) nine years in the Zone (AZ).
So I’m steady twisting Swisha’s sipping silver Patrone.
Like a hard dick I spit shit out the dome.
My celly steady ringing Bitchs leave me alone.
I love making paper baby back it up.
Put 20’s on the outside when I stack it up.
It’s never enough – nope – It’s never too much.
When I’m chilling with my ladies in a gentleman’s club.
Why are all these dudes always grabbing their dicks.
Fake bitchs always trying to rub on my tits.
Taking private pics in a private show
In the back of the club on a private pole.
Shake it real fast mama drop it real slow
I love to watch that ass when it’s touching the floor
Bouncing that back, Come on work it, let’s go
Drop and give me 50 baby, give me some more

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