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Cum with Me Nicki

Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 5:59 PM By: G.Classy

Ill show you what its like baby come with me
On an all paid over sea shopping spree
Million dollar yhatt floors 1 through 3
Just to get to the store, ETA a week
Personal Chef and a staff of six
Five course dinner with steak and shrimp
Got a Case of Patrone and the Grapes by the Zone
Shes in her bra and thong trying to get it on
Always likes to show me how she shakes that ass
She drops it to the floor and she bounces really fast
Work it for me baby, bounce that back until it snaps
Now bring it up real slow and puts it back in my lap
This X is kicking in girl I think I need some water
So I grab the Avian and then I poured it on her
She's my badass bitch, she asks me what I like
Never says no cause she's down to ride

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