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Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 11:35 PM By: therealdejah_TM

now which liddle girl you know thats from philly that aint about nothing but her money and cookies boys solute wen they see her she pull up in the coupe just to show you she w/ it boo listen im a smart liddle girl not a math magician chick im on ah mission keep the wheels spinning while the bottles is chinging not old enough to drink but guess whos drinking money ova niggas caca spaniel niggas witha gerri curl woke up feelin good so you know i had to tell my girls we ride out strapped from head to toe white buckles w/ the ruffles and the pretty studs poking holes in ya sweater no matter the weather so as long as you talking imma torcher ya brain these liddle words that im sayin have you goin insane even chicks be plotting plans gotta keep em in hand thats why i keeep a 80 cam on top of the van girl listen i aint got time for games im on the big and better things so get out my face solute me when i come through and just clear the way me and my goons running who passed away but lyrically i muder bitches w/ liddle to say ya move like old weaves stiffys coming ya way they pattin they fuckin heads they a itchey display ... nothing let to say #out lol .. smething corney i came up w/ like 2 years ago smh
Love Dejah ; X?X? !

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