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fake asses

Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 11:51 PM By: therealdejah_TM

hahaha, you my friend ?
nah bitch please
im the real fucking thing
you a mothafuckin tease
broke then all you bitches happy
money = attitude
dont think tht im being rude
im just tryna keep it cool
like the ice box
and i aint tlkn bout
where they storing the meat
im talkn bout tht cold shit
tht SB be putting in tweets
you can say that im a python
imma spit my venim soon
poisionous like skull & bones
spit all my bars in different tones
neva catch me slippin bitch drop
hammer hit you in the head
w/ some new shit
you aint trynna do shit
im trwatin bitches right & left
ya nigga think im dope bitch
tht got his ass kinda kype now
he on the floor beggin just to stay the night
he aint even hit cause you know
im still a virgin rite ?
hell yeah , mah shit tight
but you know tht he a keepa
man head game far from left
you know that shit is kinda right
lip gloss ysl, eye shadow bobbi brown
face all dolled up hair look good too
competition ? excuse me do you
know who you talkin too ?
DEE effin murder
word to every chick tht tlk
slick imma go grab the burna
marc jacobs purse on my
arm i keep the steel there
yea i own two twin pumps
like a mothafuckin pair of heels
i aint makin no deals nah i aint
settle shit girard is where i reside
& thts where i keep all the clips
stfu hoe cant you see that dejah tlkn ?
inturrupt me again and best believe you wont leave
out here wlkin

Love Dejah ; X?X? !

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  1. Mizz_Maia avatar

    Re: fake asses

    Thu, May 5, 2011 at 2:04 AM By: Mizz_Maia

    Oh wow Love it!! x

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