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that jam

Thu, Mar 24, 2011 at 3:04 AM By: TFZR

Ohhhh shit

oh sit i'm bout to fly the coop
i'm so high no parachute
i'm mother fucking terrible
you old rappers be careful
i got my shots how bout you
my rhymes so sick they need em too
my flow is fresh, show room new
how bout yours looks like its used
ouch that hurt you got a bruise?
bitch you think i'm scared of you?
i'll cut you up to make my stew
need your hearing aid to hear my tune
go back home and tell your crew
i fucked you up i'll fuck them too

hey lil boy i stole your man
get him back if you think you can
wanna fight get up and stand
ill give you the upper hand
you take the bus i'll take the lam
oh shit you still have a fam?
you think that they give a damn?
kid, your life's a fucking sham
i'll blow it up repiece it then
let you know you've got no friends
man you lost you'll never win

i guess one more time i'll let it out
get this kid up out my house
you wanna mess with me now?
holy fuck i get so loud
think you can win? haha how?
i can't tell what you're about
you're lost kid i am found
you are stuck i'm still en route
talking slick sit your ass down
here's your grave i'm breaking ground
i'll slit your throat let you bleed out
i'm the best thinig from my town
tell the king i want my crown

lil kim, stay on yo' break -_-

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    Re: that jam

    Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 11:14 PM By: TFZR

    im trying to figure out how to finish it...

    lil kim, stay on yo' break -_-

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