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Dear Sam.

Sun, Sep 2, 2012 at 4:35 PM By: @WendyB

Dear Sam,
you my only true friend
that's why I'm here tryna understand
how do you that? how do you feel that?
How can you stand the struggle you're going through?
This place is rowdy, I guess is your fam'
I hear them breaking plates, are they arguing again?
I see your mama looking down at you almost everyday
and your dad can't say a word, he looks so scared away
You feel like a bird kept in a cage
unable to fly high, unable to rearrange
The pain is too much but you still move along
I admire you for that, you keep moving on
I see you looking at the mirror with tears in your eyes
you tryna escape, you living in disguise
but you think bout what them foes gonna say
when they'll see the real you, when they'll see the real Sam
I wish I could fix your shit, believe me homie
but I'm on a raw deal too, I'm in trouble, sorry
That's why I'm here, I must be sincere
you feel me, Sam, you my only true friend

In the same trouble, in the same way
In the same fight, I'm done with it, damn!
The day will come, we be the conquerors
God's on our side, we be the conquerors

Dear Sam,
they dont give a damn
they think bout their shit, they dont really give a damn
the bitches I call friends? they'll never understand
'cause they think that life starts now but we're almost at the end
Uh, they dont have problems, they live in happiness
Good families, cool houses, I'm lost in the wilderness
My self esteem equals to zero
Sam you the best I ever had, you my hero
The only guy that sets my heart on fire
has my naked body as his only desire
I ask myself day n night, is it my fuckin fault?
Why is it going wrong? he pisses me off
I feel like, like I'm dead inside
'cause my hopes are no where to be found, I cry all the time
My heart is broken, the war ain't over
no one else has experienced that, they never suffered yet
Sam, I must admit, you understand this shit, you feel me for real

In the same trouble, in the same way
in the same struggle, we're fighting, Sam
The day will come, we be the conquerors
and the pain will go away, we be the conquerors.

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