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Super BASS, Uh I mean Super tease Lyrics 18plus only please.

Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 6:56 AM By: HeatherPinkMinaj

I was listening to Super bass Instrumental and wrote these lyrics. So please don't steal.. Sorry ADMIN If this Is too much. go ahead and delete this. I'll make sure it doesn't happen again. If this does get deleted.
If accepted. ENJOY! :]

Super bass, Super tease:

"DKNY scent, Her perfume Drowns Me, Her Beauty surrounds me,
Gotta find what she all about, So, I dropped the bill's, to search out,
No GPS, Her Lead, My follow, No tomorrow, It's happening tonight,
It only took one song, Miss Diamond played me like an Instrument, Hands free,
Clit ring, blue jeans fitted me tight, So It felt just right, Gah, her body could sing, damn, she made my fuckin week. By the looks of her, I know she got a couple kids, Strach Marks, No judgement, you know Heather love the kids. Over flow, too much, Adult content, A.D.D drift, Shift back, Reverse, Clit ring, Say It with me, Clit ring, Pentrate, rotate: eminem anger say, CLIT RING, Doesn't that shit make you soaking wet? take a
mother fucking bath With my cum, GULP It up, this Is what you made me of.. PAUSE: Back to sweet Heather. I sure hope I made her Cum, Her kiss In the end Had to count for something, Scissoring, Don't stop, Fuck the song sucked, It's over an, Now she up. Only took 25 bucks. Bitch I just paid 25 bucks, you almost made me cum, BUt that's It, that's all, I'm done.

Black White me, Black white me, Super tease,
Black white me, black whitee me, Super tease.

They say Strip Clubs, are Just a tease, Phsycially,
I'm fucking her through my jeans, No STD"S.
Excuse me, Pardon Me, Direct me,
I'm looking for a bad bitch to truely please me,
Tomorrow, I'll be starving, Bank Rup,
I know your sayin, I coulda got a bitch for free,
But, I ain't found a real bitch that came up.
So I'mma Force a bad girl to tease me, Give up,
You want me, For free next round up.
Nice shoes Baby, I'm pretty sure I paid for those,
Hoe up, Next niggah goin to show up,
Emotionally Unattached, That niggah Next,
fo sho, Can't get enough.
She Clean, So I gotta Prositute her, Only me.
Next scene. She Girlfriend me,
Quit her job, She say She only got eyes on me,
Yeah, that's a lot of me's, especially when she make her
Pussy Cum pour for me, Cup Me, Fuck Me baby, No Sperm,
No abortion, Just two hot pussies crunked up, fucked up,
bashing, grinding It up. that's A lot of Fuck,
Damn, I got more then Just a tease, all these cats,
Begging her Please, Strip club It back up. She say Nah, I found true love. She that blacker the berry, sweeter the Juice, I'm her rainbow burst, Yummy, Juice. that Latin Juice, That Kool- Aid Juice. No Hoe Juice,
No Prositute Juice.tell her I love her, Beautiful, and even gorgeous. Nevah Looked down on her, always saw the better In her.
Give her the world, For Free, ring her, baby marry me?..
two chicks can't marry, damn that fucking judge. Don't worry baby, Will always be one. Joint account It up, What's mine Is yours.
Can't believe I found her through a strip club. Like Nicki say
Every bad bitch got a Halo.Fo sho enough " - Heather Pierce


“Your victory Is right around the corner. Never give up.” -Nicki Minaj

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