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Fri, May 6, 2011 at 10:29 PM By: BarbieMinaaj

I created a rap cause i saw keys" getting mad on nicki's fame so! yeah i might sound lame but don't care

Ujm ya’ll i’m no one in the game but i know the game
but but i mean baby girl why you hatting on her?
cénseles stupid hood bitches hate her
nah i guess they’re like Lesbos or some shit
i guess you just wanna date her or some shit
i mean look at you? Look at her
Pink Friday got out & got you gone like a gun would done
you guys make me mad you think you’re better than her
look around who’s on tv baby girl
get out the game we know who runs this shit
she reps young Money do you rep fat Honey?
you be hattin on hater, hating, LATERS!
Yo beast use your breast and Bounce back to your room
Or nicki will send you back to doom
Say you gon star shooting?
better shut your ass girl
whipe your ass fat girl
& come back when you’re famous as her
i’m Barbie like my mom so i gotta defende her
when bitches get stupid & rude you just wanna slap em fuck em hit em
My momi already shitted on em
i know my verse ain’t good but nicki is nicki
come on you know her name!
She the Barbie she the boss she the best

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