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MY loves nicki&& kim STOP THE FIGHTING!!

Sat, May 7, 2011 at 9:12 AM By: Chrissy Tina mua

yo im tired of the fightin... when u gunna see it aint jus about u, its about the music- how it helps us get thru. yall dnt seem to understand ur blessed with da power, to help other females get big nd go higher. cumin from a gurl dat show both a yall love, stop da stupid fightin u women to grown up. nicki started dissin new she had to pay due, kim is the queen nd can never be moved. its sad to say dat i had to see the day, my two fravorite rappers head to head like konya. dnt u no beef only leads to decay, the de-cay of life the morals u portrey. nd i cant get ova how it started out, growin up wit kim now nicki's out. LADIES we gotta end da war we keep hatin each otha, we losing the special thing passed down from our mothas. all us girls gotta patch things out, but if the top got beef, the rest bound to wild out. i wanna see love nd i wanna see respect, stop the trash talkin- holdin guns at dey neck. cnt u see its all bein takin away, its almost no black female rappers today. its a male drivin game, white gurls second in lead. were my black women at? we gotta pick up speed. yo im scared we'll lose we're bout to dissipate cuz all my black women instead of love wanna hate. im tired of the fussin im tired of the fight, all of us are push fo the lime light. get it thru ur head kim and nicki too. if yall mess dis up wat are we gunna do??

i love yall man. but nd its killin me da yall want me to pick sides. yo. its not jus about yall.. its about us...

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    RE: MY loves nicki&& kim STOP THE FIGHTING!!

    Sat, May 7, 2011 at 11:55 PM By: Killuminati2paceminem

    its kinda childish if real when men have hip hop beefs its not childish they squash it after a few months but theyve been fighting for almost 2 years or even more hip hop beefs used to be man to man one man was the best and one was just a dooche now we got nikki and kim fightin wth man i heard trgedy diss and that sucked like rlly cmon just squash it im 12 and i got more sense to squash it idk who started it but someone needs to finish it
    killuminati me against the world

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    Re: MY loves nicki&& kim STOP THE FIGHTING!!

    Mon, May 9, 2011 at 5:58 AM By: barbie bonnie

    i feel u
    from not jus a BARBIE

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