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I Endorse These Strippers

Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 9:33 PM By: Barbz'Forever

I Endorse This Message,
I Endorse This Message,
I Am Nicki Minaj,
And I Support This Message(x2)

Now, I Endorse These Strippers,
I Endorse These Strippers,
I Am Nicki Minaj And I Support These Strippers(x2)

[Verse 1]:
Did I Endorse Young Mitt? I Am Young Nic ,
Your Panties All In A Bunch , Well You Can Suck My Dick,
All These Chicks Is Ridiculous, Conversations Is Fvilious
Man Fuck All These Bitches , I Am A Polygamist.
Playin' With My Pussy, I Am Just That Bored,
I Mean We Could've Went Shopping,
But What Could You Afford?
I Bust A Band In The VIP,
My Money Can't Fit In Clips,
I Told Them Hoes When They Strip,
That They Can Play With My Clit, Ooooh.
Boobs , Boobs , Boobs , Boobs , Lotta Boobs,
Man I Make The Baddest Bitches Send Me Nudes,
I Ain't Got No Time For Your Silly Feuds,
I'm With The Pretty Gang , At Sue's , Rendezues,
Batman , I'm Robin , Hoes,
I Tell These Bitches , Yo! Vamanoes,
These Hoes My Sons , I'm Papa Though,
I Feed These Bitches With Papa Though,
I'm Tropical , You Comical,
Bitch Read My Motherfuckin' Chronicle,
You My Son, Son , Prodical,
And You Adopted Not Even Biological.
(Bite Me, Apple Sign?$]*

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